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In the introduction to his book "The Cockroach Vol.1" P. There are nearly 4,000 species of Cockroaches (Dictyoptera, Blattodea) in the world, of which only 25 to 30 (or less than 1%) have any pest status, the rest are innocent members of the Earth's fauna, some of which are clean living, non-aggressive and slow moving, and as such make great pets. "The Cockroach is probably the most obnoxious insect known to man." This is obviously the statement of a man who has spent too much time studying those few species of Blattodea which have so much in common with mankind that they have chosen to live with us.The antennae are filiform (long and thin) and inserted below the middle of the eyes, the mouthparts are adapted for biting, chewing and licking while the compound eyes are usually large and irregularly hemispherical being wider near the vertex (the top of the front of the head). The Medical and Veterinary importance of Cockroaches. The forewings (tegmina) are usually hardened and often opaque, the hind wings are membranous. Life expectancy ranges from 2 to 4 years and a female can produce 30 oothecae resulting in 1000 young before dying of old age. Virgin females are known to produce sex attractants in P.americana and some other species, these can attract a male in as small amounts as . This has many benefits for regular users of our site, such as a custom unique username, a profile picture, and more user profile information.We have several different chat room options available for every adult on the web to use.

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Furthermore, you can find or create your individual chat rooms based on your preferences and interests, send unlimited messages on the site, and far more.We ask that no matter which chat room you use or what part of our website you decide to visit, that you first read our terms of service and privacy policy and should you have any questions about either them or any other part of our website that you please use the contact us page and fill in the form so we may address your them.Make your chat with strangers extremely interesting!(In Cockroaches, except very small ones, the wings, in those species which have them overlap in the middle of the abdomen whereas the wings of beetles never overlap at all). The legs are almost equal in length and depressed beneath the body.

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