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Donem Cargo can store shipments in our USA and Nigeria warehouses free of charge for seven calender days,thereafter charges apply.

Shipments received in our USA offices are expected to be shipped out within seven days and shipments delievered to our Lagos office are expected to be picked up within seven days, otherwise, storage charges will be determined and applied accordingly.

Everywhere you turn it seems credit is being offered, credit card offers in the mail, at the supermarket and "Buy Now - Pay Later" incentives. If you're choosing a credit card for a rewards program, for example to take that free flight, make sure the benefit is greater than the annual fee.

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elcome to the New York Department of State's Division of Local Government Services.There's credit cards, store cards, car loans and lines of credit...And because each one has a different due date, minimum payment, and interest rate, it doesn't take long to feel like your debt is a little beyond your control.Make a list of the debt you have, along with the interest rates you are paying on each.This will help identify which debts to pay off first.

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