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Chicago, tied to the West by rail and more readily accessible to the immigrants, became the most populous Czech settlement.By 1870, other cities with Czech concentrations included St. At the turn of the century, Czech immigrants were more likely to make the journey to the United States with their families. Moreover, it was not uncommon in large families for the head of the household to make more than one trip to the United States, bringing along one or more children each time.The term "Czech" denotes the inhabitants of historic Bohemia, Moravia, and Silesia, while "Slovak" is reserved for those people who settled on the southern slopes of the Carpathian Mountains and who historically were dominated by the Hungarians.Between the fifth and seventh centuries, the Slavic ancestors of the Czechs swept across the region that subsequently became known as Bohemia.By the turn of the century, a widening gap between the first and second generations was already in evidence.

After a brief coexistence in a federation with Slovakia, the Czech Republic became fully independent in 1992.

Two prominent rulers of the House of Přemsyl were Wenceslas the Holy (c.

907-929) and Otaker II (1253-78), who extended Bohemia's territorial borders to the Adriatic.

Although for a time assimilated into the neighboring Moravian Empire, Bohemia emerged as the stronger power and absorbed Moravia in the eleventh century.

Under its ruling dynasty, the Přemsylides, Bohemia became Christian in the ninth century and a member of the Holy Roman Empire in the eleventh century, led by the German kings but retaining its own monarchy.

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