Dating site marketing strategies

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The client and the therapist agreed on fees and treatment duration.

Today modern technology has essentially unregulated how mental health services can be advertised and marketed.

The first ad seems to promise something only this psychotherapist can deliver.

The second one uses social media in a tacky manner.

The third describes an allegedly unique technique in a dubious fashion; we can’t tell anything about it from the ad itself.

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Many ethical challenges arise on the basis of highly variable and unpredictable contextual factors.

In addition, as Internet searches and social networking have essentially replaced print directories, how can practitioners best use these tools in a consumer-friendly and still ethical manner?

Historically, the mental health professions considered the advertising of services or direct solicitation of clients as declasse at the very least.

Federal Trade Commission Actions against Professional Associations States’ Interest Doctrine “In Your Face” Solicitation Testimonials Appeals to Fear Current Practices Acceptable and Unacceptable Elements in Advertising Citing One's Degrees Listing Affiliations Contents of Acceptable Advertisements From Yellow Pages to the Web Individual Web Pages Use of Social Media as Advertising Contents of Unacceptable Advertising Growth Groups and Educational Programs The Moral Hazards of Insurance Paramount Ethical Dilemmas Sicker and Quicker Becoming a Provider and Staying on the Panel: Between a Rock and a Hard Place Practical Considerations Key Ethical Problems in Dealing with Managed Care Organizations Ethical Challenges to Monitor When Dealing with Managed Care Entities Fraud Mostly gone are the days when mental health professionals sat in their private offices waiting for clients to show up, in person, for their weekly appointments.

To comply with the ethical standards of mental health professions, only a tasteful set of bare facts appeared in the yellow pages of the local phone directory.

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