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A child might be dependent if he or she: Just before a child reaches the age of majority, the recipient must provide us with information about the child’s circumstances.

FMEP will use this information to decide whether child support will continue to be collected.

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"I think it's going to have a tremendous impact on finding people who are trying to completely avoid their obligations.

It's a small unit but if we need more, we will look at that." The minister also said the move to close regional maintenance enforcement offices and open a new central office in New Waterford hurt the program.

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"There was a 70 per cent turnover of staff as a result, which had a significant impact on our ability to help our clients women and children." The governing Liberals have agreed to make all 27 changes recommended by the review committee.

Most, if not all, of the current public statutes are listed below, whether or not proclaimed in force.

A very few local and private statutes are included.

The review committee noted, "While court enforcement may not be the first 'tool' to be employed in any case, it is an important tool that should be utilized in appropriate circumstances." The committee found "great frustration" with enforcement of court orders amongst those who are due support.

The committee is also recommending staff in the Maintenance Enforcement division work more closely with the Registrar of Motor Vehicles "to implement a protocol for refusing to renew licenses and permits when a payer is in persistent arrears." There are also problems associated with trying to find people when many move, sometimes to another province.

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