Race fan dating

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During post-race interviews for the premiere episode of All-Stars, Ian claimed that they were less than 2 minutes behind Flo & Zach at the finish line. Teri and Ian, along with John Vito and Jill were selected to compete in The Amazing Race All-Stars among a cast of returning teams from seasons 1-10.

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During Leg 4, Heather and Eve were the first team to arrive at the Pit Stop in Portugal, but they misread a clue that told them to walk to the Pit Stop rather than take a taxi.

They declined to race in the All-Stars because Flo thought the race brought out the worst in her, and also because she did not want to do the race without Zach (who was not asked to join All Stars).

Flo is now Dan Abrams's girlfriend and the couple announced in January 2012 that they were expecting their first child.

They proceeded to walk the rest of the way, but received a seven-minute time penalty for the advantage gained (the second team arrived seven minutes later), plus an additional 30 minutes.

Since all of the other teams arrived at the Pit Stop less than 37 minutes afterward, Heather and Eve became the first team ever to arrive first at a Pit Stop yet still be eliminated.

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