Twoo dating site scammers

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I am very romantic, kind, calm, devoted woman, who does like home coziness. I adore literature, ballet, like to dance, to go to the theater and cinema.Like any woman I am fond of talking but at the same time I am a good listener. I suppose the man should be the head of the family.Besides, not all Russian men are drunkard, but probably those from her own social circle.I am originally from Kiev, Ukraine, and none of my family or friends "drink too much".

That doesn't speak bad of men in general, but of the girl herself!I like surprise and I can be independent the direct person though I am never irresponsible.I really believe in love and I want to lift my children in an atmosphere of love and respect attitudes on samples of attitudes of their parents." Here is another favorite Mari El quote: "You can believe me, when I tell you, you've never met a woman quite like me.After all, English is not my native language too, and as you see I make mistakes too. Just enter in quotes: "I the sociable girl", or "I the cheerful girl", or "I the nice girl", or any combination of those and here you go. I bet most of it will be either from Kazan, or Cheboksary, or Yoshkar-Ola, or... But sometimes they are not so stupid, and copy the profile descriptions from somebody else's profile, written in a good English.But to start each and every profile with the same cliche, and with the same grammar mistake is really dumb! But overall, while dealing with Russian scam, I come to the conclusion that scammers are not very smart people. If that happens, half of Mari El starts using and re-using it, like this one for example: "The main thing about me is probably that I am a purposeful person and always reach my goal and that I am always ready top work hard for it.

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    Now we get into the malicious chatbots: the ones trying to sell you something, take your personal information or cheat you out of money you paid to chat with an online therapist.

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